Graphic pattern inspired by the contemporary city. The dynamism and the sparkle
of the spokes of the bikes which pass through it, nonstop: it is the distinctive wallpaper of the line RUOTE.
Some decorations have been intentionally left devoid of “stardust” to create fascinating light shows.
The stone engraving line FOGLIE has a design that traces the architecture of the, figurative protagonist. 
The lines trace the essence of the leave, imagined with the freshness and simplicity of the nature.
The design of the NOTO stone engraving line is inspired by the sophistication of the Sicilian Baroque.
Thanks to the fragmentary lines and to the slight decoration, it translates into an elegant and contemporary style.
The particular geometry of the decoration brings out the ample painted background of the marble, increasing it in value.

Client: Rama 1956 – Marmeria Italiana